How And Why Science Improves Life

AstronomyScience has gone a long way in improving people’s lives. The human quest for figuring out how things work began with fire – and after mastering it, our ancestors could see at night, cook our food and drive away dangerous predators – a simple piece of knowledge drastically changed the way they lived.

In the following years, thousands of discoveries and inventions made our lives easier, opening up a world of possibilities unimaginable for the previous generations. The rudimentary ideas of mechanics allowed for the invention of wheel, which let humans to move objects – or even themselves – with much more speed an ease than ever before.

Many other transport-related inventions were possible as science progressed – basic knowledge of density and fluid mechanics allowed us to make boats, an invention with single-handedly made intercontinental traveling possible, along with exploring and colonization of the entire planet.
And of course, much later, as aerodynamics became a thing, we could build flying machines – finally conquering not only fire, earth and water, but air too.

As science marched on, we figured out how to grow our own food – developing agriculture and livestock, eliminating the need for us to get our own food or worry about hunting or gathering. Without the need for us to live a nomadic lifestyle so we could live in a specific place.
After that, all sorts of progress were achieved – the knowledge of masonry and the various materials made we go from living in caves to building homes, which would become much sturdier, safer and more comfortable over the years.

So far, science had only presented us with ways to make things easier, faster or more comfortable – and as our lives were improved, we started having more and more leisure time – which, in turn, made science progress at an even faster rate. The next advances, which grew more and more sophisticated, were focused on production.

A very large step towards improving human life was perfecting the knowledge of thermodynamics. The steam-powered machines were made for centuries, but the ones which became widely used were much more powerful and practical than anything previously imagined and led to the invention of locomotives, much faster than any means of transport of the time, and the powering of all types of factories, essential for the Industrial Revolution.

Hydraulics is another area of science that is very convenient for our lives – a very complex and well-calculated plumbing system allows us to have clean water at our faucets whenever we please – and even take away our waste. This also made us much healthier, and increased drastically our life expectancy along with the advances in medicine, which made it possible for us to prevent and fight disease – while also giving us the commodity of being able to take an aspirin to cure a headache and various other ailments which may bother us.

On the last few decades, thought, technology developed at an incredibly fast rate – electricity became widely accessible, utilized in virtually every home, allowing families to switch on lights at the flick of a switch, have hot showers whenever they want, store food for long periods of time, play music and communicate via telephones – not to mention the capabilities of digital technologies, such as alarm clocks. By then, we had roads everywhere for us to use with our own vehicles, getting to places in an very fast and comfortable manner.

The last big advance in science and technology, thought, was an informational one – built on top of the last, it made it possible for companies to, using electricity, broadcast video to people’s homes, then to connect with anyone else in the world and share data with them – the same technology with allows you to read this very text today.

Lastly, of course, science doesn’t merely make our life more comfortable – it also provides answers. If it wasn’t for science, we wouldn’t ever have reached outer space or figured out how our own bodies work, nor we would have any idea of why things behave the way they do – it gave us deep knowledge about the world that surrounds you – at the very least, fulfilling our curiosity.

Understanding How Deja Vu Occurs

Deja Vu ExplanationIt has happened to all of us, we walk into a strange place, yet have the feeling we have been there already. We just shrug the feeling off as a sense of Deja-Vu, yet is is a feeling we can not fully understand or describe. This article is designed to better help you understand the subject of Deja-Vu

Once you go to bed at night, your body and mind shut down and begin to repair, your spirit and soul remain very much awake. As you enter a REM state of rest your soul leaves and explores other planes of existence. Many times when we wake, we have these destinations still in our mind, and we brush them off as an odd dream, never once thinking it was real. That is until you experience the sense of Deja-Vu.

The easiest way to explain it is as though your mind in in conflict with itself, your mind is trying to overwrite a memory with the same information. Perhaps a simpler way of understanding is to realize the the mind is correlating a dream with a reality.

Deja-Vu is a reminder of how many truths there are in the spiritual world. What we need to understand about Deja-Vu is the hidden truth that there is so much more out there that we simply do not understand.

There are three basic forms of Deja-Vu:

In The Moment

This is perhaps the most thought provoking form of Deja-Vu. You witness something happening in front of you for the first time in the physical sense of the world. Tet your mind has already seen these events played out. It is where the soul and spirit have had an opportunity to time travel to the future.

I’ve Been Here Before Deja-Vu

These are the times you enter a new building or town for the first time, yet you know your way around without ever having to look at a map or ask for directions. Generally this is the reminder that we have all lived on this world in another body at some point.

Is That Just A Coincidence?

One of the most common forms of Deju-Vu although it technically isn’t. It can happen to you anywhere, a sudden thought or a vision enters your mind. Typically you might here a name of an old friend or see something that reminds you of them, a week or so later that person gives you a call. That is more of a coincidence in life as opposed to Deja-Vu. In these types of cases, you might be able to will things into your life that you want. Meditation would be an excellent exercise to examine the process closer.

People will argue over the validity of Deja-Vu and if it actually exists. You have to take it as sign that there is more to life, whether you understand the experience or not. Understand that there is karma in life and all of your actions build upon themselves. If you understand that your life will lead to one of enlightenment.

Numerology – Science Or Myth?

numerology muralNumerology is the study of how numbers correlate to a person’s life. For instance, if a person is born on a certain day, based upon the numbers that are related to their birth, these numbers can actually have some type of meaning. Numerology is a study in symbolism, used to determine a person’s personality, their inner needs, obstacles they may face in life, and the talents that they may have. Numerology is used by many people that are able to interpret these numbers in such a way as to gather this information, or at least perceived what may be representative of a hidden pathway one that is only revealed by numbers. It is because of this that thousands of people every year seek a professional numerologist in order to give them a reading to help them make choices with their lives. This overview of numerology will provide you with a basic understanding of this ancient practice and how it might help you with your own life.

History Of Numerology

Going back as far as the Babylonian times, and even looking at the great mathematician Pythagoras who believes that all things were related to numbers, numerology today can be found in very simple things such as people associating specific numbers with good luck, bad luck, and possible decisions that they should make. Coincidence plays a large role in whether or not numerology has any bearing on whether or not the numbers being looked at are meaningful. An example of this would be being born on a certain day and looking at other famous people in history and personality traits associated with these individuals. Other people will look at how the stars, planets, and other astrological figures coincide with the date of a person’s birth. All of this is based in what is called numerology, the study of numbers as they relate to each individual.

Calculating Numbers With Numerology

Numerology can actually be calculated, meaning examining the numbers one through nine. Based upon these numbers as they are added up, most of the time with specific characteristics that a person could have in their life, they can make decisions based upon how the numbers add up. They can also be correlated with letters, and there are special master numbers like 22 and 11 that can be incorporated into the different numbers that are derived from a person’s birthday, their Social Security number, and correlating these numbers with other people in their lives. There are mathematical formulas that are used although they are very simplistic, yet they seem to have meaning for many people. In the same way that astrology is used to provide some form of guidance based upon characteristics that people born under certain signs may have, the numbers can be looked at in the same way.

How To Use Numerology In Your Life

If you have ever used in astrological reading before, looking at the sign of your birth and characteristics that pertain to that particular sign, most of the time these characteristics tend to add up with characteristics that a person actually possesses. Although this may be regarded as coincidence by most people, especially those that are scientifically oriented, many people live by astrology and numerology because it gives them an esoteric form of guidance for the life.

If you can find in numerologist in your area, or perhaps one that is on the web, you will be able to submit your numbers, get a reading, and get a determination as to how they apply to your life. Even though this may not be related to science, it does help people to a high degree. By believing that these characteristics or meanings actually apply to you in some way, they can help you make decisions, and give you confidence, for moving forward in achieving things in life.

Predicting Personal Career Options With Astrology Help

Career Horoscope zodiac signsThere is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years, by many indigenous cultures throughout the world. In the nighttime sky, it is assumed that people would look up and wonder what all of the stars actually were, or what they meant. Over time, they realize that the stars moved in the night sky, and that some of them followed the ecliptic. And in the ecliptic, certain patterns have emerged, things that were known as constellations, specifically in 12 generally accepted locations. Although the names would change over time, the idea was always the same. These constellations were representative of animals, people or spirits, and each of them had unique personalities and characteristics. And as time progressed, people realize that the sun would actually be behind or within these constellations during the day, even when they could not be seen. It was then that astrology was born, representing each person with a different constellation, which the sun was in, on the day of their birth. In today’s modern world, with people trying to find the best possible job, astrology can be very useful in helping you go in the right direction.

Why Astrology Works

The reason that astrology works actually is not known. There seems to be a track record that has formed over the centuries, allowing people to refine what each zodiac sign actually represents in regard to personality traits. Whether you are looking at a traditional zodiac that looks at the day of your birth, or the Chinese zodiac which represents 11 animals, and a dragon, by the year of your birth, all of these are representative of certain characteristics that a person will have when they are born under a certain sign. An astrologist is able to take this information, show people exactly how their zodiac sign, and certain characteristics associated with that sign relate to their own innate personality. By doing so, they can then provide you with a roadmap of sorts, a guideline that will show you the way in regard to decisions that you are going to make.

Work Personalities In Relation To Astrology

When you are referencing astrology, and how it connects a person to certain signs in the zodiac, these characteristics can be used to find a proper path in regard to a career of choice. Some careers demand that people are very patient, loving, and kind. Others require you to be forthright, determined, and someone that has endless energy and drive. Depending upon your personality, and those characteristics that are shared with your zodiac sign, a natal chart can be done, along with other astrological readings, to help you narrow down a career that might be characteristic of your personality and inner desires.

Now that you know why astrology can help you find a career, at least narrow down your probable list of possible jobs that will make you happy or help you feel fulfilled at the end of the day, you can now get an astrologer to do a reading, and based upon your sign, the current edition of stars and planets, as well as the sun and the moon, you can make a wise decision for pursuing a career that best suits your particular zodiac sign and personality traits.

A comparison between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology

china photoFor many years, astrology has been a key element in society. Going back more than two thousand years, astrology has been used for many different purposes, including future prediction as well as character analysis. One of the oldest types, Chinese Astrology, is the most famous and well known method of astrology. However, recently there have been other disciplines in astrology, including but not limited to, Western Astrology. The following will look more closely at the differences between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology.

Time Frame

The main difference in time frame between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology is that Chinese Astrology divides its distinct signs by years, while Western Astrology divides it astrological signs by months. This is in concurrence with each society as well, for instance, the Chinese society emphasizes on differences based on a generational time frame, whereas the Western society emphasizes its differences based on individual and monthly time frame.


The icons in Chinese Astrology are derived from myth. For example, it states that God set a race between all the animals. Then, the first twelve animals to win the race were chosen as the icons. The rat was first in the race because of its sneaky character whereas the pig was twelfth in the race. Contrasting are the derivation of icons in Western Astrology. Here, the icons are derived from star constellations, which move throughout the twelve months of the year. Furthermore, whichever constellation is major during a month, that is the icon for that same month.

The Elements

Chinese Astrology uses five elements; fire, earth, water, wood and metal. These elements describe the motivational factors in a person’s life. Fire is said to inspire excitement, earth inspired one to make secure foundations, water motivates emotional bonding, metal inspires the need to create order and wood inspired exploration. Western Astrology uses four elements; fire, earth, water and air. These elements describe the psychological character of the icon. For example, fire represents impulsiveness, earth refers to practicality of a person, water describes a person who is lead by their emotions and lastly air corresponds to intellectually-driven people.

Lunar Phases versus Lunar Modes

Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar calendar. The Lunar calendar is based on the moon and with every new moon, a new month begins. Western Astrology is based on the earth orbiting the sun and therefore each month can be from 28 days to 31 days in length.

Lunar Calendar versus Solar Calendar

Chinese Astrology greatly refers to the phase of the moon during a person’s birth as being significant to their temperament. There are four phases of the moon in Chinese Astrology and these are New, Waxing, Full, and Waning. Western Astrology uses three distinct icon qualities for birth and these dictate how the person would conduct themselves in a situation. These are cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

In conclusion, Chinese and Western Astrology differ greatly in many different aspects. However, a person has total freedom to pick which they would want to ascribe to. They can do this by looking at the strength of both and comparing them.

Finding Love With Astrology – The Easy Way

astrology photoAstrology is a form of divination that has been used for thousands of years. Ever since modern man has looked to the stars, and realize that there were certain patterns in the sky, and started to call them constellations, patterns that moved in the same areas called the eclectic, they began to devise the idea that it is possible that the stars in some way affected our lives. From that point forward, they realize that people that were born under certain signs that have certain characteristics in their personality. As a result of this, astrology was born, as well as the creation of horoscopes, leading to what we have today. Many people believe that they can find love through astrology. Let’s see if it is possible for you.

Love Through Astrology

When people start to look at their own characteristics in regard to their zodiac sign, they will notice that they can also find people that are compatible with them according to how astrology works. By narrowing this, and using online websites where you can find out about people’s different astrological signs, you can quickly discern which person might be a better match for you based upon the pseudoscience of love astrology. But does it actually work? Here are reasons that this might actually be a viable way of finding your soulmate.

Does It Actually Work?

The only way that you will be able to figure out if this actually works for you is to give it a try. Consider all of the things that you like, compare them with what astrologist will tell you about your own personality and interests. Then find someone else online that shares a very similar set of specific parameters in regard to personality characteristics, hobbies that they enjoy, and she is someone and go out on a date. If you find that you are compatible, but this person is not quite the right one, it will give you the confidence to keep trying using this guideline for finding someone that is actually meant to be with you.

Try It Out Today

According to many people that have done this before, and have had at work, it’s actually seemingly a science. Science is all about repeatability, something that will work time and time again, and astrology seems to provide this level of confidence for those that use it on a regular basis. Instead of just looking at your astrological sign and the recommendations that you can find in the local newspaper. If you are able to match your personality to someone else, based upon your astrological sign, and actually have a good time, this is the proof that it will work for you.

Now that you know a little bit more about astrology, its origins, and what it entails, you might want to give this a serious try to see if this will actually work for you. Just like anything else in life, you can try to go it alone, hoping that someone may come your way, but with astrology on your side, it gives you a guideline that millions of people have used for centuries in order to find the love of your life.

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